Introduction to Body Worn Video (BWV) Cameras CPD Training

CPD Training Sponsored by Audax Global Solutions Ltd

Body worn video (BWV), also known as body cameras and body-worn cameras, or wearable cameras, is exactly what it says in the title. A camera that you wear! Wearable audio, video, or photographic recording system are increasingly common. They are worn by EMS, local authority employees, especially civil enforcement officers, and are becoming more widely used in the security industry frontline. Private companies are starting to issue them to their frontline staff to gather evidence of abuse directed towards them. This CPD course is aimed at working Security Professionals…

Tabe of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • The Difference between BWV & CCTV
  • Overt vs Covert!
  • Resources and background information on BWV projects and initiatives
  • Made in the UK – An Introduction to Audax BWV
  • Understanding BWV concept and technology
  • Regulatory environment and BWV
  • BWV privacy impact assessments
  • Practicalities – 10 important considerations
    • (1) Body Worn video needs to be Overt and obviously “a Camera” to meet legislation and guidance
    • (2) Metadata
    • (3) User Access
    • (4) Memory and Encryption / Security
    • (5) Battery
    • (6) Pre-Event and Post event recording
    • (7) Environment and where it will be used
    • (8) Video quality Minimum in 2021
    • (9) Proprietary software
    • (10) Useful Additional Functions
  • Practical use of BWV equipment / Recording guidelines
  • Concluding a Recording
  • Evidential continuity
  • Professional standards
  • Retention of data and storage
  • Data Protection Act Principles
  • The advantages of DEMS (Digital Evidence Management system) connected to a Docking Station
  • Docking Stations
  • Streamlined User Assignment – QR Reader
  • CMS (Camera Management System)
  • Unique with BioAX® and Audax® cameras
  • Different ways of wearing the camera
  • Accurate and reliable evidence
  • Criminal deterrent

How to Enrol

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CPD Award

On successful completion of the associated course assignments a CPD certificate for 10 hours study time will be issued. To pass you will need need to pass 35 of the 40 questions. Take your time, there are no trick questions! All assesments are there to ensure that you have both read and understood the course material – thats it, no hidden agenda!

Due to the nature of the study material used with this course it is recommended that you work from either a laptop or desktop PC to complete it.

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